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Tales of the Anime Otaku

As if she has anything important to say...

Naval bitch of some caliber...XD
17 February 1988
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Special Goku banner thingie made for me by abalorio. I will love her forever and ever. And ever. Favorite anime right now is Hana-Kimi...Again...I got volumes 4-6 finally! Yay for Sam!

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kira.x.lacus colorbar
Kira and Lacus is Forever Gundam SEED Love

Kuroneko-sama is love

Vash is Angst Love

Chobits is Love

Want your own digik zodiac card?

Onegai Teacher is Love!

Mizuho x Kei is love.
Mizuho x Kei is secret couple love.

Rini x Hotaru is love.
Rini x Hotaru is Caring, True/First Friend Love.

Rinoa x Squall is love.
Rinoa and Squall is "waiting" love.

Squall is Sex Love.

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